Most people know that smoking in the home negatively affects the air quality in your Gretna, Louisiana, home, but other factors affect indoor air quality also. If you have dirt or insects in your ducts, dirty air filters, or poor ventilation, IAQ could be an issue in your home. 

HVAC Air Filters

Your air filters causing poor IAQ may seem counterintuitive, but they are a contributing factor. If you invest in the cheapest air filters, you’re not catching as many pollutants as you think. Upgrade your air filters to ones with a MERV rating of 9-12, which can capture up to 90 percent of airborne particles. No matter what type you use, make sure you check and change it often, especially during the months where you are running your HVAC system around the clock.

Insects and Animals

As much as you love them, shedding pets contribute to poor indoor air quality with their hair and dander inside your home. Brush and bathe your pet regularly and make sure you vacuum often if you have carpet. Your four-legged friend isn’t the only issue. Insects in your home also add to poor IAQ. Have your ducts cleaned and change your filters to keep bugs out. During the winter, make sure animals and rodents don’t sneak into your ducts to escape the cold outside.

Poor Ventilation

Humidity is a big problem in Louisiana in the summer, and poor ventilation only makes it worse. When there is too much moisture in your home, it contributes to mold growth. Mold negatively affects your IAQ. When you are cooking, taking hot showers, or washing clothes, make sure the room and your home are properly ventilated, so that added moisture doesn’t stay inside your home and cause mold issues. You may even consider installing a whole-house ventilation system to combat these problems.

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