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At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we understand that when cool weather arrives in New Orleans, you want a reliable heating system to see you through the chilly winter months. The American Standard gas and oil furnaces we install combine energy efficiency and innovation and allow you to create a heating system personalized to your needs.

Improved Furnace Efficiency

The efficiency rating of a furnace is perhaps the No. 1 consideration when it comes to buying a furnace. Furnace efficiency is measured by the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), which is the percent of heat you get from the fuel you pay for. The higher the AFUE is, the greater the efficiency.

Our furnaces carry an AFUE rating between 80 percent and 97.3 percent. With burners that deliver quiet, clean fuel combustion, our furnaces substantially exceed government efficiency standards and reduce greenhouse emissions. The variable operating speeds on our gas and oil furnaces allow the furnace to adjust automatically and put out exactly the amount of heat you need to maintain a constant temperature, thus saving you money on fuel bills while keeping you warm and cozy.

Ultimate Comfort Control

The furnaces we offer at Bryans United Air Conditioning are the ultimate in quality and comfort. Our American Standard furnaces have variable- and two-speed fan motors designed to reduce temperature swings and evenly deliver warm air throughout your home. Our furnaces, built with durable combustion chambers, heat up quickly and rapidly provide the warmth you need to stay safe and comfortable.

Innovative Integration

American Standard has long been a leader in the area of innovation and comfort. Hallmarks of our American Standard oil and gas furnaces include ease of installation and heavily insulated cabinets that ensure quiet operation and eliminate loud startups and shutdowns. The AccuLink Communicating system enables the furnace to integrate with other system components; adding a telephone access module to your gas or oil furnace allows you even greater control with remote system monitoring.

American Standard: An Added Advantage

Our team at Bryans United Air Conditioning is focused on your comfort, from good indoor air quality to efficient heating during a cool New Orleans winter. That’s why we’re proud to offer American Standard products. Since the 1880s, American Standard has been synonymous with the concept of home comfort. Twice voted the most reliable brand among leading furnace manufacturers, you can trust American Standard’s natural gas furnaces and oil furnaces to deliver long-lasting comfort.

To learn more about the features of our oil and gas furnaces, contact one of our friendly team members today. We can also guide you through federal and state programs that provide incentives for buying a new or upgrading your old gas furnace or oil furnace.

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