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Life is easy-going in New Orleans. The music is fun, the food is fantastic and the temperature is Zone 5 all the way. That last part might not mean much to you, but it means a lot to an HVAC expert! Zone 5 homes typically experience mild winters and hot summers, and they need roughly twice as much cooling as heating.

Mild winters make heat pumps a smart choice. Instead of using a lot of energy to produce heat, they use much smaller amounts of energy to move heat around. In areas where the winter temperatures stay around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re an efficient alternative to furnaces.

Heat Pump Installation

The climate zone in which you live is only one part of the equation. The specific design and operation of your HVAC system also plays a big role in your monthly utility bills. The efficiency of air source heat pumps, which exchange heat between inside and outside air, is measured by the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). Higher HSPF ratings equate to higher efficiency and corresponding utility bill savings.

The HSPF is calculated by measuring the amount of heat transferred for the entire heating season, in BTUs, and dividing it by the watt-hours of electricity used to produce the heat. A system with an HSPF of 7.7 should transfer about 2.25 times as much heat as the electricity it uses for a heating season. HSPF ratings of 8 or greater are classified as “high efficiency” units and can qualify for tax credits when they’re available.

Even the world’s best HVAC equipment will fall short of expectations if not installed incorrectly. Proper installation is critical to getting the performance, and realizing the savings that the unit is designed to deliver. Anyone with a license can install a furnace or HVAC system, but not every HVAC technician can install one correctly. When a unit is improperly sized or installed without any consideration of the way you heat your residence or commercial building, it isn’t likely to deliver the efficiencies or utility savings that you paid for. Always insist on an HVAC contractor with experience with your particular configuration.

Heat Pump Repair

These heating systems, like all pieces of equipment, also need to be properly maintained. Caring for the unit on a regular basis can help you avoid the need for a heat pump repair at an inconvenient time. Regular maintenance keeps the equipment operating smoothly and efficiently, prolonging its expected useful life. It’s worth considering that studies by the Department of Energy have shown heating and cooling accounts for more than half of all the energy used in a home. Regular repair and maintenance can reduce that percentage significantly.

Interested in learning more about regular system maintenance? Call us today and ask about our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club!

Comfort club

If you live in New Orleans and need your heat pump repaired, or if you’re considering replacing an old heating system or buying a new one, then give us a call. Bryans United has been serving the Kenner, LA area for 32 years, and we know a thing or two about heat pump installation, service, and repair.

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