Protecting your home’s air quality is crucial. To combat indoor air pollution effectively, you must first know where it comes from. Here are three common sources of indoor air pollution for homes in Luling, LA.

1. Pets

Sadly, pets often do a lot to undermine indoor air quality. They can shed and send into the air plenty of hair and dander. If they roam around outside, they can also inadvertently bring in pollen, dust, and other outdoor contaminants.

2. Volatile Organic Chemicals

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exist in many household items and can seriously harm your health if you inhale them. Things like cleaners, paints, car products, pesticides, aerosol sprays, and wood preservatives all contain VOCs. Strive to either limit your use of these products or buy air purifiers to remove them from the air.

3. Your HVAC System

With proper care and under the right conditions, your HVAC system should be an excellent weapon in your battle against indoor air pollution. Efficient airflow combined with strong air filters can remove dust, pollen, and many other kinds of pollutants from the air before your HVAC system releases that air back into your home. However, some heating and cooling problems can undermine and even reverse this process.

Dirty air filters are one of the most significant sources of such problems. Some others include dirty ductwork, air leaks, furnace valves clogged with soot, and carbon monoxide leaks from your heating system. You can usually replace or clean HVAC filters yourself, while HVAC technicians can take care of the other problems during routine maintenance.

Enhanced indoor air quality is integral to a comfortable home, and every responsible homeowner should fight to attain and preserve it. We’ll proudly lend our skills and knowledge to help you in that fight. Call Bryans United Air Conditioning for expert-level indoor air quality services.

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