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ductless-air-conditioner-genericIf you’ve had it with high utility bills, it might be time to go ductless. When it comes to heating and cooling efficiency, ductless is an overachiever. Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems that require ductwork to distribute heated and cooled air throughout an indoor space, ductless systems deliver heated and cooled air directly into an indoor space. American Standard ductless systems from Bryans United offer maximum indoor comfort using a minimum of energy, so most homeowners see immediate improvement in utility bills.

Why Are Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems so Efficient?

With conventional HVAC, you have to heat or cool an entire house just to feel comfortable in one room. With ductless air conditioning and heating, you can heat or cool only the rooms you use. This can cut energy costs dramatically. Even better, you can set the thermostat in each room (or zone) to maintain a different temperature. Ductless zoned systems, mini-split systems and multi-split systems offer what other HVAC systems cannot; they give you total control over your indoor climate.

Is Ductless HVAC Versatile?

Yes! With American Standard ductless technology, you can purchase a mini-split system to heat and cool a single room that’s not served by your existing ductwork. A mini-split system is a perfect heating and cooling solution for a new home addition, a remodeled garage or a room that’s always too hot or too cold. On the other hand, a multi-split system can heat and cool your entire home, and if you want to heat or cool just a few rooms (or zones), American Standard ductless technology can give you that, too.

More Great Reasons to go Ductless

American Standard ductless products deliver plenty of perks compared to traditional HVAC. For one thing, they provide excellent humidity control. For another, they come with a high-performance air filtration system that traps pollen, dust, fungi, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander and other allergens that commonly pollute indoor air. Here are some other excellent reasons to go ductless:

  • Quiet, whisper-soft operation
  • Remote access climate control from your mobile devices
  • Programmable thermostats for worry-free, high-efficiency operation
  • Multiple thermostats — one for each room — for total indoor climate control

Call us Now and We’ll Tell You How

As an Authorized American Standard Dealer, Bryans United can equip your home or commercial space with a super-efficient ductless AC system tailored precisely to fit your needs. With such efficient operation, you’ll start saving on energy costs right away and, over time, your new system will pay for itself. Ductless AC installation is quick and easy while maintenance is minimal. Want to know more about how high-performance ductless American Standard products can revolutionize the comfort level of your New Orleans home? Call us now to schedule a free consultation. It’s time to discover the wonderful world of ductless HVAC!

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