Save Money When You Outfit Your Home with Quality Attic Accessories by American Standard

If you want to conserve energy, home attic accessories can help you make it happen. Because we are an Authorized American Standard Dealer, Bryans United Air Conditioning can help you choose HVAC attic accessories that not only make energy bills affordable but also keep your indoor air fresh, healthy and clean. For nearly a century, high-quality American Standard products for heating, cooling and ventilation have been outperforming the competition and keeping New Orleans homeowners comfortable indoors year-round.

American Standard Residential Attic Fans

Attic ventilation is something that many New Orleans homeowners don’t think about. However, home attic accessories like a American Standard attic fan can be beneficial. When your attic receives proper ventilation, your energy bills will reflect it. During the summer, attics can easily become overly warm and stuffy. Attic ventilation fans keep air circulating throughout the attic, which in turn clears away hot, stagnant air. An attic fan will lower the air temperature in the attic as well as cooling off the attic floor and interior ceilings; it will also keep hot stuffy air from invading your living space.

Benefits of Attic Ventilation

Although most attics are designed to provide adequate ventilation, there are times when that ventilation is not enough. Two possible solutions for adequate ventilation are an electric attic ventilator or a solar powered attic ventilator. Reducing the attic temperature with a fan will keep your ductwork and the air that circulates through the air ducts cooler. This reduces the load on your air conditioner and thereby lowers energy costs. Attic accessories like fans are designed to work with your HVAC system to regulate indoor air temperature and provide consistent heating and cooling. Many attic fans are controlled by the thermostat, so they turn off and on according to the indoor air temperature.

The key to an effective attic fan lies in the installation. When properly installed, an attic fan can remove excess and accumulated heat from the top of your New Orleans house where the heat rises and collects. This, in turn, keeps your roof from being damaged by the heat. In winter, an attic fan can disburse warm and moist air that rises from your home to the attic, thereby discouraging the growth of mold and mildew.

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