Living in Jefferson, Louisiana, you know how hot and stuffy your attic space can get during the stifling summer months. That’s because few attics have proper ventilation. Improving the ventilation in your attic space has many benefits, including the following.

Mold Prevention

We often associate mold and mildew growth with basements, but in reality, mildew can take root in your home’s roof framing and sheathing. Mold growth in the attic occurs due to condensation and roof leaks. It may look similar to soot or appear dark gray in color.

Mold removal is a huge task and can be very expensive. Boosting your attic’s ventilation is a much more cost-effective prevention solution.

Reduces Cooling Costs

One of the best things about attic ventilation is that it reduces your cooling costs during the hot Louisiana summer. This is especially true if your attic space has little or improper insulation.

Attic fans are among the most common products for circulating air between the attic space and the outdoors. In addition, proper insulation prevents wasted energy and can keep unwanted heat or cold air from entering the home.

Protects Your Roof

It may surprise you to learn that shingle adhesive can actually melt when the temperature is hot enough. More than that, most roof warranties are rendered null and void when this occurs, and the home doesn’t have an adequate ventilation system.

Another benefit is that a properly ventilated attic keeps ice dams from forming in the roof eaves. When the ice or snow on the roof melts, you could be looking at a mildew or mold problem as the moisture seeps in through the compromised shingles.

Ensure your home’s attic space is properly ventilated and protected with the HVAC services of Bryans United Air Conditioning. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable HVAC technicians are more than happy to recommend the appropriate products and systems for your home and budget. Call us today at 504-208-2071 to get started.

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