Do your heating and cooling systems seem to run just fine? Don’t be too sure! Without regular maintenance, you’ll be out of the fire and into the frying pan before you know it. Our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club provides the proactive care your HVAC system needs to ensure you stay comfortable in Gretna, LA. Here are five great reasons to join the club!

1. Receive Expert Care for Your HVAC System

Joining our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club is the best way to ensure your HVAC system comes through for you whenever you need it. When you enroll in the program, you’ll receive annual maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. Each precision tune-up includes all the inspections, tests, and cleanings your equipment requires to operate reliably, safely, and efficiently. The following are a few of the tasks that our expert technicians perform during each pre-scheduled maintenance visit.

  • A comprehensive 16-point inspection of indoor and outdoor components
  • A complete cleaning of the indoor unit to keep damaging dirt and dust at bay
  • Ensuring the systems are charged correctly by checking the refrigerant pressures
  • Spraying accessible evaporator coils to keep them running efficiently
  • Using compressed air to clear out drain lines and prevent clogs and leaks
  • Assessing all critical components for wear and tear and letting you know of potential replacements

2. Avoid Unexpected Repairs and Breakdowns

A broken AC is the last thing you need when the weather turns unbearably hot and humid. A heater that can’t keep you warm in the winter is equally frustrating. The primary causes of HVAC system failures are dirt and neglect. Like motor vehicles, air conditioning and heating systems need professional tune-ups to keep them running long-term. Without it, dirt collects on the equipment, causing damage that can lead to a breakdown.

3. Money-Saving Benefits

When it comes to HVAC systems, energy equals money. The less energy your heating and cooling equipment uses, the more money you save. Well-maintained systems, such as heat pumps, use up to 25% less energy than those that don’t receive regular care.

That’s extra money you can spend on whatever you like! Properly maintained systems also last longer and need fewer repairs than neglected ones, saving you from the cost of an unforeseen repair or an early replacement.

4. Improve Your Indoor Comfort

Each component in your HVAC system works together to keep you comfortable. A small malfunction can impact your comfort, whether the problem’s a loose electrical connection, a faulty thermostat, or a dirty evaporator coil. Great performance might not seem too big of an issue during temperate weather. But when the weather outside turns extremely hot or cold, it matters. Our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club helps ensure your HVAC system always works its best — even in the middle of a heatwave or a raging winter storm.

5. Club Member Deals and Discounts

From lower energy bills to warranty protection, preventive HVAC maintenance offers multiple benefits. Members of our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club enjoy additional perks too! Here are some of the many benefits you can expect when you enroll in the program.

  • Spring & fall pre-season tune-ups
  • Automatic reminders when it’s time for a checkup
  • Head-of-the-line customer service
  • 10% discount on heating and cooling system repairs
  • The ability to transfer membership if you decide to put your house on the market.
  • No extra charges for overtime services

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we’re proud to provide our neighbors with professional heating and cooling system maintenance services. Our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club makes maintaining your equipment easier and more affordable. For more information, check out our HVAC Repair and Maintenance section or reach out to us today! Since 1981, we’ve been devoted to providing residents with A+ services and a team they can rely on for years to come!

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