Summers around Kenner, LA, bring with them oppressive heat and humidity, making air conditioning important for both safety and comfort. However, neglecting routine maintenance may leave you without relief. Here are five benefits you can expect after your spring maintenance visit this year.

1. Increased Comfort

As your air conditioning runs, it draws some of the humidity out of the air moving through the system. However, when you neglect maintenance, airborne contaminants build up on the evaporator coil. This acts as a form of insulation, preventing the air from cooling as much as it should.

2. Improved Efficiency

Air restrictions form regularly in your system as airborne contaminants settle on your evaporator coil, circulating fan and air filter. These restrictions mean your system has to run longer to provide the same cooling effect for your home.

3. Extended Service Life

The longer run cycles from decreased efficiency not only make your system run longer, but they also reduce its service life. Your system should run and then turn off, going through natural cycles to keep your house cool. Maintenance ensures your system runs only those intended cycles, thereby preserving its service life.

4. Fewer Unexpected Repairs

One of the stresses associated with air conditioners is the unexpected AC repairs that usually happen during the hottest periods. Strained due to suboptimal components or airflow restrictions often cause these untimely breakdowns.

During your maintenance visit, your technician will not only clean your system but test each component. If one shows signs of weakening, you can replace it before it causes a system breakdown.

5. Protect Your Warranty

Many manufacturers tie routine professional maintenance to the warranty of their units. By joining the Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club, you ensure your warrant will be ready should your system break down.

Protect your system and wallet by getting routine maintenance for your air conditioner. Call Bryans United Air Conditioning to join our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club and enjoy all of these benefits.

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