Maintaining the HVAC system in your Metairie, Louisiana, home is vital to ensuring your home’s comfort and keeping your system running as long as possible. To ensure your system is running smoothly, it is crucial to stay on top of possible problems. One issue you don’t want to ignore is if your HVAC system smells like it is burning. Some issues a burning smell can indicate include:

A Clogged Air Filter

Your air filter works by trapping dirt, dust, and debris to prevent them from getting into your HVAC system or circulating throughout the air in your home. When the filter has been used too long or is clogged, the motor will have to work harder to pull air through, which can cause the motor to overheat and emit a burning smell. This smell can travel through your vents and into your home.

A Broken or Overworked Belt

For systems with a belt-driven motor, the belt can become worn and frayed over time. The belt is made of rubber, and when it begins to degrade or is being used more than it should be, you may notice the smell of burning rubber around your system and sometimes through your vents.

An Overheating or Failing Motor

Your system will be equipped with a motor that runs the function of the system. Over time, dust and dirt can build up on the motor, which can lead to stress and overheating. As this happens, the wires on the motor can begin to melt, which will emit a burning smell.

If you suspect this is a problem, you should contact an HVAC specialist immediately to see if it can be salvaged; otherwise, it may need to be replaced.

An Electrical Failure

Throughout your HVAC system, there are many wires with plastic covering. A burning smell coming from the system could signal an electric failure somewhere in the system, which can lead to dangerous consequences if not repaired.

Notice a burning smell from your HVAC system? We can get to the bottom of it for you. Contact the professionals at Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 today.

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