If you’re planning to install a new air conditioner this summer, it’s important that you take measures to ensure that your contractor does the job right. It’s smart to work with NATE-certified technicians who provide installation services that optimize A/C efficiency and effectiveness. 

NATE-certified technicians know what’s best

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification sets the greatest HVAC professionals apart from the crowd. By demonstrating superior knowledge in their specialty areas, NATE technicians have proven that they understand what’s necessary to ensure high efficiency, system longevity and maximum home comfort levels—at both the time of A/C installation and throughout the unit’s life. 

If your technician doesn’t pay attention to certain installation standards and field adjustments, the overall capacity of your new A/C replacement could be significantly reduced. NATE technicians, however, are aware of the considerations that must be made during a quality HVAC installation.

A reputable technician will understand the importance of the following four factors:

  • Size — Unless your air conditioner is properly sized to meet your home’s specific cooling and dehumidification needs, you’ll end up wasting money. While a system that’s too small will struggle to meet your demands, an oversized system will consume excess energy as it continues to frequently cycle on and off. Additionally, short cycles diminish an air conditioner’s ability to dehumidify the air, leading to moisture problems.
  • Airflow — When airflow is inadequate, the desired temperature change can’t occur across the evaporator coil. This reduces efficiency and effectiveness. A NATE-certified technician will always measure airflow at the time of installation and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Refrigerant — In order to maximize its SEER rating, the charge of your A/C refrigerant must match the manufacturer’s specifications. Even slight variations can negatively affect system performance levels.
  • Ducts — A NATE-certified technician always evaluates a home’s ductwork before installing equipment. Leaky ducts can dramatically reduce efficiency and affect indoor air quality by introducing unfiltered air into your home.

To hire a NATE-certified technician, contact the pros at Bryans United Air Conditioning. We proudly serve residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas.

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