Much of the energy efficiency guidelines we use revolve around sealing our homes against heat loss and gain. Most people don’t want air exiting or entering the home because it forces HVAC systems to use more energy. However, while these tactics keep out cold air in the winter, they also seal in contaminants, allergens, and toxins. If you want to keep your New Orleans, LA, home safe and comfortable, ventilating your attic could offer an effective solution.

Why Ventilation Helps

The best attic ventilation systems improve indoor air quality, remove excess moisture from the house, and cool your ductwork. You can use an electric-powered attic ventilation fan to remove pent-up hot air from your attic, which is especially beneficial when summer temperatures refuse to relinquish their grip on Louisiana as the fall season approaches.

Since Louisiana experiences plenty of heat and humidity, attic ventilation becomes even more necessary than in other parts of the country. As your attic gets hotter and more humid, your air conditioner must put forth more energy to meet the temperature settings on your thermostat.

Adding Ventilation to Your Attic

Explore attic ventilation technology with your HVAC provider. He or she can recommend a fan or other solution that will help remove toxins from your indoor air and maintain a more reasonable temperature in your attic. Modern technology has produced fans that communicate with your thermostat. They only run when it’s necessary to control air flow in your home.

Never attempt to install an attic ventilation system on your own. Unfinished attic spaces present several dangers, especially if you aren’t familiar with the terrain. An HVAC expert is much better equipped to confront the hot temperatures, shaky footing, and other hazards in your attic.

If you have trouble with allergens, respiratory irritants, or uneven temperatures in your home, poor attic ventilation might prove to be the culprit. To discuss ventilation fans and other helpful HVAC solutions, call Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071.

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