In Hahnville, LA, air conditioning is crucial in the summertime. Some AC systems, however, have a tendency to freeze up, limiting the system’s ability to cool the home. Frost or ice may form on the coils. The homeowner may even notice that their compressor unit is covered in ice at times. If your AC keeps freezing up, you have a problem. Your problem may be easily solved or your system may require a few repairs. If you notice ice on your outdoor unit, the first thing to do is turn off the system and leave it off for a few hours. Give the system a chance to thaw before attempting to restart it. 

Steps to Take if Your AC Keeps Freezing Up


Check Air Conditioner Filter

An AC unit that freezes up may be an indicator of a lack of airflow to the system. Once you have turned off the system to allow it to thaw, check the system’s airflow. First, take a look at the filter. If the filter is clogged with dirt and debris, this could be the blockage that is causing your AC unit to freeze. Something as simple as a dirty filter can cause bigger problems that can require major HVAC repairs. Change out the filter with a clean one and remember to replace the filter every four weeks. 

Check Airflow

Next, check points at which the airflow may be compromised. Check the registers, the duct connectors and the ductwork. Is your ductwork leaking air? Is your ductwork extremely dirty, blocking airflow to your system? Clean any blockages that are restricting airflow to the unit. If necessary, have your local HVAC company inspect your ductwork for damage and leaks. You may need to have your ductwork professionally cleaned to clear the blockage from the ducts. 

Additional Steps

After the system has thawed, airflow is cleared and the filter is changed, turn on and monitor the unit. If your AC unit continues to freeze up, you need to have the issue diagnosed by a professional HVAC technician. A common reason for AC freeze-up is the lack of coolant. If the unit has leaked coolant and the levels are low, the system works harder than normal and can form ice on the coils and pipes. Your professional HVAC technician will recharge the system with coolant and prime the unit, but he or she will also identify where the coolant is leaking. You must repair the leak to fix the source of the problem. Your HVAC technician will provide you with a quote for repairing the coolant leak. 

Regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit will help keep your system performing well. During a preventative maintenance check, the technician will evaluate coolant levels and test the airflow to the system. A maintenance check will identify potential issues that may cause the AC unit to freeze up if left unattended. Call Bryans United Air Conditioning to schedule repair or maintenance service for your air conditioning system. Don’t wait unit your AC keeps freezing up. Have your system maintained each year.

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