Your heat pump is a dependable, efficient and almost a set-it-and-forget system. However, there are in all mechanical devices issues that must be addressed to ensure continued operation. Many of these will need the professional services of a trained technician, but there are some issues that can be dealt with by homeowners with heat pump troubleshooting tips, a few tools and a little patience. 

Heat Pump Troubleshooting 

  • If the heat pump simply won’t ignite, check the circuit breaker, as well as all switches located in or on the unit. Also ensure that the thermostat is set above the current temperature.
  • Not heating or cooling correctly? Make sure the registers are open and the thermostat is set correctly. Check the air filter and change it if dirt has accumulated on it.¬†
  • If the blower doesn’t work, the belt on the fan may have come loose. An HVAC professional can repair this problem and ensure there aren’t other issues that contributed to it.

Before calling your HVAC professional:

  • Ensure all emergency switches are in the “on” position.
  • Check all circuit breakers in the house and on the unit.
  • Check for a reset button and engage it if present. If this works and a need for a second push is indicated, there’s a bigger problem.
  • If there are rattling noises in the housing or any moving parts, turn the unit off and call a heating and air conditioning expert.

Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning to learn a few more helpful heat pump troubleshooting tips. Our team of HVAC professionals are proud to help Gretna area homeowners will all of their home comfort concerns. 

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