Heating and cooling costs are one of the largest expenses for homeowners in Gretna, LA. And nobody wants to replace their heat pump any sooner than necessary. So, here are a few ideas you can use to extend your heat pump’s lifespan and hopefully save money in the long run.

Replace HVAC Filters Regularly

One of the most important steps you can take to extend the life of your heat pump is to change out the air filters as needed. These filters keep dust, hair, and other particles from damaging the mechanical components of your HVAC system. Failure to replace dirty filters restricts airflow and puts additional strain on your heat pump.

Regular filter changes are essential. Most manufacturers recommend a filter change every 90 days, but your system’s needs will vary depending on the time of year, household size, indoor pets, and other factors.

Perform Seasonal Maintenance Tune-Ups

If you have a hard time reaching your HVAC filter to change it out every few months, our skilled technicians are happy to include this service to our Fryin’ Pan Comfort Club members during their semi-annual maintenance tune-up. We’ll perform a full 16-point inspection on your evaporator coils, refrigerant levels, drainage lines, and more. Keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently while identifying smaller issues before they get worse is crucial to extending your heat pump’s lifespan.

Seal and Insulate Against Air Leaks

As you can see, efficiency is important for making your heat pump last longer. One often overlooked aspect of efficiently heating and cooling your home is the home itself. When your walls and attic have old, worn-out insulation or your doors and windows have cracked seals that let air escape, your heat pump has to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Sealing off air leaks and properly insulating external walls, attics, and basements makes it so much easier to maintain the right temperature inside your home. This allows your heat pump to work more efficiently while also keeping your utility bills in check.

Don’t let deferred maintenance, unclean air ducts, and more make your heat pump work harder than it has to. Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning today for heat pump maintenance and repair services. Our qualified technicians will check out your system and help you extend the life of your heat pump.

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