Installing a backup generator is something residents of Laplace, Louisiana, may want to consider. Although the numbers and features involved can be confusing at first, there are a few basic things you should look for in a particular backup generator.

The Right Amount of Power

Start by calculating how much power you’ll need to run everything you would want during a power outage. This will be measured in watts. You’ll want to consider appliances such as your refrigerator as well as lights and mobile device chargers. Depending on the weather, you may also want to add a window AC, box fan, or portable heater to the list. Everyone’s list will be a little different based on their priorities, but you can find helpful suggestions online for what to include. Some websites, such as Consumer Reports, even have wattage calculators to help you estimate how much power you’ll need.

Make sure you take into account the amount of power each device or appliance needs to start up. That number will probably be higher than the wattage required to keep them running, and that should be factored into your calculations. Fortunately, our Honeywell backup generators have maximum continuous power capacities that range from 16,000 to 22,000 watts.

Features That Fit Your Needs

Next, consider which special features meet your specific needs. For instance, you may want a generator that kicks on automatically whenever the power goes out. If so, look for one with automatic start. Other helpful features include electric start (which allows you to push a button instead of pulling a cord), a fuel gauge, and low-oil shutoff.

You’ll also want to consider how loud the generator is when running and what fuel sources it’s compatible with. Our Honeywell 25 kW liquid-cooled generator can run on LP or natural gas, while our 15-22 kW air-cooled models have a WhisperCheck mode that runs at 58-60 dB(A).

Backup generators can be incredibly useful, but they’re also dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. If you’d like help choosing, installing, or testing your new generator, call Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071.

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