When you invite visitors into your Laplace, Louisiana, home, it may be tough to totally eliminate the pet hair, dander, and other clear signs that furry friends share the space. While Fido and Fluffy might be part of your family, their fur can cause reactions among your guests who suffer from allergies. Follow these tips to improve the indoor air quality for you and your guests before they arrive.

Deep Clean

You’re probably planning to clean your home before visitors arrive anyway, but take extra steps to eliminate pet hair and dander prior to their arrival. Vacuum the couch and keep pets from climbing back on the furniture after you’ve cleaned it.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers with a HEPA filter can remove many airborne particles that trigger allergic symptoms. Keep the purifier in the guest room to help improve the air quality, especially while your visitors are asleep. It’s smart to start running the air purifier a few days before your guests arrive since this can help eliminate some of the dander, hair and allergens that are already in the air. A high-quality air filter with a MERV rating of 9-12 is recommended, as lower-rated air filters won’t catch as many pollutants, as long as your system allows for higher MERV ratings. Also, be sure to check and change your filters often.

Clean the Air Ducts

Pet hair and dander settle in the HVAC ducts, where it can blow around every time the heater or air conditioner runs, thus contributing to poor indoor air quality. Cleaning the air ducts helps to eliminate these contaminants, which can cause reactions and symptoms among those with allergies and breathing conditions. Our certified technicians are prepared to help you welcome your guests by cleaning the ducts beforehand. During a duct cleaning service, the technician may also use sanitizing spray to kill any mold spores that might be living within the system. 

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