Whether you dust, sweep, and mop once a day or once a week, your Metairie, Louisiana, home is a magnet for dirt. If you’ve noticed that those layers of dust seem to build more quickly than they used to, they could signal a problem with your HVAC system.

After all, dust can clog up your cooling system, and it can also build up in your home when your HVAC system isn’t operating efficiently. From cleaning ductwork to scheduling HVAC maintenance, find out how to prevent dust from wrecking HVAC efficiency.

Clean Your Ductwork

If you haven’t had your home’s ducts cleaned in years, they could be coated with thick layers of dust that eventually disperse through your home. Dirty ductwork can slow down your HVAC system, since it will have to work harder to force cool air through your home. A professional cleaning session can do wonders for efficiency.

Repair Cracks and Leaks

If your ductwork has developed small cracks and leaks over the years, it could be wasting a surprising amount of energy. It might be also allowing dust and debris to move freely in and out of the ducts. Talk with the Bryans United Air Conditioning team about assessing and repairing your home’s ductwork before you lose any more efficiency.

Use an Air Purifier

Air filters are responsible for trapping most of your home’s airborne contaminants before they enter your HVAC system. If your system needs a higher level solution, though, a whole-home air purifier is a smart choice. These HVAC add-ons clear the air while improving efficiency every time your cooling system cycles.

Maintain Your HVAC System

All cooling systems require preventive maintenance at least once a year to increase efficiency and prevent major breakdowns. Schedule your next HVAC maintenance appointment now to keep your system free of dust and running smoothly.

Need to schedule an HVAC tuneup or advice on more effective indoor air quality solutions? Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071.

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