Since the advent of central heating and cooling, HVAC technology hasn’t changed too drastically. If your home in Luling, Louisiana, was built within the last few decades, it probably has a system similar to those you would find in homes across the nation. These three inventions prove that HVAC innovation isn’t dead.

Motion-Activated Misters

Engineers at MIT have created an air conditioning system with two distinct innovations. First, it is motion-activated. Thanks to motion sensors, the aluminum rods installed in the ceiling activate only when people are present. Second, the Cloud Cast system uses water rather than air as its primary cooling agent, dispersing a cool mist as you walk by.

3D-Printed Cooling Bricks

Many people in Africa and the Middle East already use zeer pots to refrigerate produce without the use of electricity. A zeer pot consists of two nested terra cotta pots, with a layer of wet sand filling the gap between them. As the water in the sand evaporates, it keeps the area cool. Inspired by this ancient technology, a company called Emerging Objects has designed “Cool Bricks,” lattice-like bricks that use evaporative cooling, using 3D printers.

Smart Vents

You may already be familiar with zoned ductless systems, which allow you to heat and cool different rooms independently for better efficiency. As an alternative, a few companies have created smart vents that can regulate air flow throughout your home. They replace your existing vents and can be controlled via a smartphone app, each opening and closing as necessary to maintain the temperature you set for individual rooms.

While we wait for products like these to hit the market, there are still ways to improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home. If your HVAC system has started to feel outdated, call Bryans United Air Conditioning today at 504-208-2071. Our trained technicians can install a new system from American Standard or help you select the perfect high-tech upgrades and add-ons for your home.

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