Most people forget about their furnaces and air conditioners until something goes wrong, then wonder why they’re facing a big repair bill. If you want to save money as a homeowner, hiring a professional to perform regular HVAC maintenance in Jefferson, LA, can stave off those expensive emergencies.

Smooth Transitions

As summer gives way to fall, you switch your thermostat from the air conditioner to the heater. You rely on your furnace to zap the chill from the air and help you sleep soundly at night. What if your furnace fails to function properly later in the year? With winter in full swing, the lack of warm air becomes far more disastrous.

If you sign up for a service plan, however, your HVAC technician can catch potential problems before they turn your home into an ice box. He or she will examine your furnace at the start of fall and alert you to any problems.

Increased Efficiency

When your furnace and air conditioner function at peak efficiency, you save money and your appliances incur far less wear and tear. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, consider bringing in a professional for preventive service. He or she can clean the components, check seals, replace worn parts, and conduct other routine maintenance, so your HVAC system performs efficiently.


An HVAC expert knows how furnaces and air conditioners work and can, therefore, educate you about best practices and healthy habits. If you’ve noticed problems, such as a drafty bedroom or a high energy bill, you can use this service visit to ask questions and obtain advice. 

Early Warnings

No matter how well you treat your HVAC system, eventually you must replace older, worn out units for newer models. An experienced HVAC tech can describe to you the condition of your system and estimate when you might need to replace it. Since air conditioners and furnaces aren’t cheap, the advanced warning helps you budget your cash.

Staying ahead of the game with your HVAC system helps you stay comfortable and frugal. To schedule preventive maintenance with Bryans United Air Conditioning, call 504-208-2071.

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