Nexia Home Intelligence systems connect your Gretna, Louisiana, home’s functions with your smartphone so you can control everything from anywhere. Having a Nexia Home Intelligence system installed lets you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing for certain the doors are locked and who is in your house, and it has some exciting features that help you protect your family and keep your home safe.

Did You Remember to Lock the Door?

Almost everyone has had that experience of not being able to remember if they locked the door. The Nexia system can lock your doors from your smartphone, or just check to make sure they’re locked so you don’t have to worry all day.

Make it Look Like You’re Home When You Aren’t

Program your lights to come on or shut off at a specific time each day, or set the lights to turn on when someone enters the lock code. Add to the effect by setting the blinds to close every evening at dusk and reopen each morning.

Know When the Kids Are Home

You can know exactly when each family member gets home, and you can be reassured of each person’s safety by receiving a video clip of them entering the home. To do this, just assign four-digit codes for each person, up to 19 different codes, and get texts or email messages delivered automatically when those codes are used.

Know Who Else Is in Your House

Set recurring codes for people who come and go regularly, like the maid or gardener, and change codes from your phone at any time. If someone contacts you because they forget their code, you can control the lock using the Schlage Home Keypad and your phone.

Your home’s security is nothing to take lightly. Request a custom assessment from Bryans United Air Conditioning to learn about ways you can automate your home with the Nexia Home Intelligence system. Call us at 504-208-2071 today.

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