When an HVAC technician shows up at your Jefferson, Louisiana, home, pay attention to the attitude. A qualified HVAC technician will display both professional expertise and excellent customer service. While your equipment is being serviced, discover how patience and technical knowledge make up some of the qualities that make good HVAC technicians.

Great Customer Service

You should feel comfortable letting an HVAC technician into your home or business to do the job. A good technician will act professionally, treat your home with respect, and create a friendly environment. Your technician will be able to explain the how and why behind service work in a way you can understand.

Safe Work Habits

HVAC technicians work with gas, water, electricity, and moving parts. Following proper repair procedures without taking shortcuts is vital for the safety of your home and family. A good HVAC technician will have clean, well-maintained tools, secure the work area from children and pets, and isolate power sources before starting any repairs.

Broad Technical Knowledge

HVAC equipment can be complex, tying into many parts of your home. A knowledgeable technician needs to know about more than just air conditioners and furnaces. HVAC technicians may have to troubleshoot mechanical parts, ductwork, plumbing, thermostats, sensors, or fuel sources. A good technician can check an HVAC system and swiftly find the cause of a problem.


Some problems can stump even the most experienced HVAC technicians. Solving a difficult problem with a concerned homeowner or business owner looking over the shoulder can be stressful. However, a professional HVAC technician doesn’t throw a tantrum when frustrated. When faced with a difficult HVAC problem to solve, your technician should stay composed and patiently try different solutions to correct the problem.

A certain way to know you have a good HVAC technician is to hire a trusted company with a good reputation. At Bryans United Air Conditioning, our professional technicians have patience, knowledge, and training to help you with all your heating and air conditioning service needs. Call 504-208-2071 to schedule a service appointment.

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