Smart thermostats get a ton of buzz for their energy savings and convenient programming features. Many thermostats offer much more than the basics, though. Here are four high-tech smart thermostat features to look for when selecting a new device for your home.

Weather Forecasting

Most thermostats allow you to program a variety of temperatures at different times of the day throughout the week. Some even allow for six different temperature fluctuations on a given day. The best smart thermostats also keep an eye on the weather, so they can adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. When it’s connected to Wi-Fi, the American Standard ComfortLink II XL850 thermostat can check weather conditions and radar in the New Orleans area, so it can prepare to cool your home more on the hottest days.

Location Tracking

For a truly hands-off cooling experience, some smart thermostats can track your location. When your thermostat senses that you’re on your way home after work or heading back after a late night, it can cool off your home just prior to your arrival. This is a particularly helpful feature for people with unpredictable schedules that make programming a smart thermostat difficult.

Smartphone App Connection

As smart as your thermostat may be, sometimes it just can’t sense your needs. Fortunately, many smart thermostats work with smartphone apps. When you need to warm up or cool off a little more than normal, log in with your smartphone and change your smart thermostat’s settings while you’re on the go.

Maintenance Notifications

Smart thermostats can only do so much without a functional HVAC system to work with. The best models can alert you to perform regular air conditioner maintenance like changing the air filters or doing routine inspections. If you don’t have time for regular maintenance, consider a preventative maintenance program from Bryans United, to ensure that your air conditioner is in working order year-round.

How much smarter could your home be? Call Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 to switch to a smart thermostat today.

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