When the summer reaches its peak temperatures, homeowners rely on a top-notch HVAC or air conditioning system to keep them comfortable and safe from outside heat. During this time, humidity also plays a vast part in the comfort and feel of the air both inside and outside the home. If you aren’t sure how humidity plays a role in your New Orleans, Louisiana, home, here are just a few of its effects.

Overworking Your HVAC System

According to studies, the ideal humidity in your home is somewhere between 30 percent and 50 percent, with people feeling most comfortable at about 45 percent. However, the outdoor humidity in New Orleans throughout the summer averages between 65 percent and 90 percent. Because the humidity outside is so much higher, your HVAC system works harder to remove the moisture from the air in your home. This eventually causes your air conditioner to run longer and less efficiently than when there’s no moisture present.

Reducing Efficiency and Comfort

Reduced efficiency during high humidity is a definite concern when it comes to your air conditioner in the summer. However, some people combat this problem by purchasing newer, bigger, and fancier air conditioners, but contrary to popular belief, this only exacerbates the problem. Because the air conditioner isn’t the optimal size for the home, it can’t effectively remove humidity, causing temperatures inside the home to remain sticky, moist, and uncomfortable.

Increased Energy Costs

Another way that humidity affects your home’s HVAC system is by taxing other components of the system and thus increasing overall energy bills. Higher humidity causes more condensation with respect to your air conditioner’s evaporator, which in turn creates more heat that the air conditioner works harder to remove. With this increased work comes higher energy bills, especially when relative humidity hits 100 percent and couples with triple-digit temperatures.

When it comes to your home this summer, don’t let humidity make your home a musty, disgusting sweat lodge. Instead, call the pros at Bryan’s United Air Conditioning for an HVAC tuneup, a new air conditioner, or advice on how to improve comfort in your home. You can reach them at 504-208-2071.

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