Out-of-control moisture can wreak havoc on your New Orleans, Louisiana, home. Failing to control moisture can result in excess humidity, thriving dust mites, and even unwanted biological growth, all which can make your family sick. Here are a few helpful tips for controlling or reducing moisture to make your home breathable again.


Areas that create excess moisture should be properly ventilated. For instance, you create excess moisture around the stove when cooking, which is why most kitchens require vent hoods. Bathrooms are also notorious for producing moisture, which is where a vent fan comes in handy.

If you don’t have proper ventilation in the home and can’t afford to make any upgrades, create your own ventilation by cracking a window and using portable fans in strategic locations. This can help you ward off moisture problems until you invest in the right ventilation equipment.

Turn On the Air Conditioner

By design, air conditioners help control humidity levels because they remove heat and moisture directly from the air. While your AC will need to work much harder if excessive moisture levels are present, it should still help ventilate the home and keep humidity in check. Run the air conditioner in conjunction with ceiling fans to help circulate airflow and to allow the system to do its job.

Run a Dehumidifier

Since New Orleans is prone to excess humidity, consider investing in a whole-home dehumidifier. These HVAC add-ons work in conjunction with your air conditioner to control moisture in the summer. When combined with a smart thermostat, you can control humidity levels directly from the thermostat user interface or from your mobile phone. Since excess humidity makes a room feel much hotter than it actually is, running a whole-home dehumidifier can even make your home feel pleasantly cool all season long.

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