The most expensive utility bill during winter is heating, yet many Luling, Louisiana, homeowners don’t take steps to reduce heat loss in their homes. Here are three creative ways to save on your home heating costs this winter.

Smoke Out Drafts Using Incense

Drafts are usually simple to fix, but they can be difficult to find. To find a draft, light up a stick of incense, take it to a known trouble spot, and watch for movement of the smoke. A draft can either blow in or suck out incense smoke.

Try burning incense where drafts are commonly found — for instance, near door and window frames, and cable or utility entrances. Fixing drafts is typically a simple DIY job, requiring weatherstripping, wadded insulation, or silicone.

Uncover Your Electrical Outlets

Remove the electrical outlet covers on your exterior walls to see what’s underneath. If all you see is the plugin without insulation, you have an opportunity to prevent heat from escaping.

To stop the heat loss through an electrical outlet, remove the cover and fill the space around the plugin with an acrylic latex caulk. Before replacing the plastic cover plate, install a foam gasket around the plugin. Every bit of heat loss you can prevent will lower your winter energy bill.

Plastic Wrap Older Windows

New windows typically have a high insulation value, but older windows could be letting heat out of your house. There’s a creative trick to stem this heat loss with plastic wrap.

Use the plastic wrap as temporary glazing on top of the window’s surface. By trapping a small layer of air between the window and the tightly stretched plastic wrap, you can reduce heat transfer through the glass. Using plastic wrap is a quick fix, but if you’re serious about saving heat, consider buying a long-lasting glaze to your windows to prevent heat loss.

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