Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling one that you currently reside in, not everything always goes according to plan. Contractors may delay their work, you may have difficulty deciding what to build, and other problems arise.

However, one thing that you should always count on is finding the right HVAC system for your New Orleans, Louisiana, home. By following a few simple tips, you can find the perfect HVAC unit for your home that will leave you in total comfort through sweltering heat or chilly winters. Here’s how to do it.

Don’t Overcompensate

The mantra of America is always that bigger is better. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate into your HVAC system. When you purchase a mammoth furnace or air conditioner, it doesn’t cool or heat your home any faster than an appropriately sized unit. As a general rule, the capacity of the system should be no larger than 25 percent over the calculated load, which we can calculate for you. If you choose a unit too large, you’ll get hit with a massive energy bill, and the heating and cooling system won’t do its job to maximum capacity.

Keeping the Proper System

Just because you’re adding square footage to your with a remodel doesn’t mean that you need to have a new HVAC system, especially if you’re on a budget. If you have an older home, know that many contractors previously installed units that were oversized, as calculations have become more exact over the past few decades.

At the very least, you can ask us if the unit you have is satisfactory to heat or cool your home. We’ll let you know either way, even if it means less business for us.


One of the worst things you can do when choosing a new HVAC system is disregard the ENERGY STAR logo. These systems are specifically designed to reduce energy usage and energy bills while still giving you the comfort you’d receive from a traditional system. Make sure to shop around to find the perfect fit, and look at the SEER rating to see how much you can save over the life of the unit.

Choose the Right Fuel Source

Air conditioners typically run off electricity, but your furnace is another matter. Gas, oil, and electric furnaces are all options when it comes to your new home or remodel. However, you need to consider the costs and other pitfalls associated with each of these. Gas is relatively cheap and easy to hook up to your home.

Electric heat is the same. However, oil is a different matter. When you have an oil furnace, you have to order oil every so often to keep your system working, but it may work more efficiently than other options. No matter what you choose, creating a budget for the initial cost and subsequent monthly costs is essential to your decision.

Think Local

When it comes to installing your HVAC system, always think locally. Many homeowners make the mistake of looking for the bargain unit, saving them money initially. However, if the contractor isn’t close, problems may arise. If you ever have concerns about maintenance or repairs, we offer a preventive maintenance plan that keeps you afloat even when the weather gets out of control. It gives you discounts on repairs and priority service in case of an emergency.

Plus, we’ll come in just before summer or winter and make sure your furnace and air conditioner are running in tip-top condition. With this type of service, you can rest easy knowing that your system is working properly when the temperatures go to their extremes.

Follow Your Budget

While a technologically advanced HVAC unit always seems like a great idea, make sure to follow your budget. Overspending on the HVAC unit only hinders finishing the job on time, and it can put you in debt.

Remodels and new home construction are exciting times in your life, so don’t let the wrong HVAC unit limit your fun. Instead, call the professionals at Bryans United Air Conditioning. We’ll provide the right unit, install it, and have you on your way in no time. Give us a ring today at 504-208-2071.

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