Your air conditioner is crucial for maintaining a suitable temperature in your house and avoiding problems with overheating. However, even the most sophisticated systems may have issues and failures. Read on to learn five major warning signs that your St. Charles, LA air conditioning system is inefficient.

1. A Faulty Thermostat

Your AC system may have a faulty thermostat sensor. Even if your thermostat is set to the correct temperature, your unit may be unable to achieve it due to an issue with the thermostat. Moreover, your thermostat may be reflecting the wrong temperature, or it may simply not be reaching your desired temperature when you turn it on.

One of our HVAC technicians will conduct extensive research to figure out what might be wrong with your thermostat. It’s likely that we will need to replace your air conditioning system if the thermostat sensor or mechanism fails.

2. Inefficient Cooling

If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home correctly, you’ll want to run it longer. The higher the energy utilized in AC operations, the more it costs. Having an expert fix your air conditioner may help you detect and resolve the problems.

Insufficient cooling is a common sign of ineffective air conditioning. Low refrigerant levels usually affect air conditioner performance. This is very common when your air conditioner is continually running during the summer.

3. High Energy Charges

A sudden spike in energy costs may suggest that your air conditioner is not operating at optimum efficiency. Over time, a decline in efficiency results in an increase in your energy expenses. Consider performing an energy audit to detect if your energy bills have increased or decreased gradually.

An energy audit will also help you identify the source of this change. Depending on the condition of your present air conditioning system in St. Charles, LA, you may need to replace it with a more energy-efficient one.

Several factors may affect your energy bills, including clogged filters, drainage difficulties, thermostat failures and refrigerant shortages, to mention a few. An AC service technician like Bryans United Air Conditioning can inspect and repair any issues with your system and help you get it back up and running at top performance.

4. Age

One of the most common causes of air conditioning issues is an old HVAC system. Due to the inefficiency of older units, your HVAC system must work harder to keep you comfortable. Additionally, it will need frequent repairs.

Most people find it difficult to replace an old air conditioner in St. Charles, LA. In addition, older air conditioners do not perform as well as they once did. If your HVAC system is continuously failing, contact our professionals at Bryans United Air Conditioning for assistance.

5. Drainage Difficulties

Water collection or leaks are other standard indicators of an ineffective air conditioning system in St. Charles, LA. The most common reason is a blocked condensation line, which prevents the accumulated water from draining correctly.

Biological growth in the system’s moist areas may eventually result in respiratory difficulties for your family members, too. If you don’t respond quickly, you risk causing harm to your AC unit and your family. If your AC has a leak, our technicians at Bryans United Air Conditioning can inspect the unit immediately to find the source of the problem.

Your Trusted HVAC Service Providers in St. Charles, LA

At Bryans United Air Conditioning, we take pride in our work. From a minor heat pump repair to the most significant air conditioning installation, we give all our work the utmost importance. Our technicians are punctual, friendly and devoted to doing a quality job the first time.

We’ve been serving the New Orleans region since 1819 while investing in cutting-edge technologies for all our products. Our technicians have undergone factory training and are NATE certified.

Our established drug-free policy ensures the safety and security of our customers and their property. Feel free to contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning if you want any St. Charles, LA air conditioning services.

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