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Just up the river from New Orleans, Harahan combines the relaxed atmosphere of suburban life with access to some of the world’s best food and entertainment. Like other Jefferson Parish communities that grace the curve of the river west of the New Orleans metropolitan area, Harahan also has a thriving port industry.


Harahan’s name is a reminder of its history as a railroad hub. Although the community got its start in 1844 as a settlement for Illinois Central railroad workers, it didn’t get its present name until a few years after its founding. James T. Harahan, an Illinois Central supervisor, helped the small community grow, funding schools and watching its population swell from barely 400 railway workers in the 1870s to 1,400 by 1920. Harahan became the president of Illinois Central shortly after the turn of the century, but he always remained close to the Louisiana town that took his name.

In 1920, Harahan became an incorporated town. Railroad workers had put down deep roots and brought their families to settle in the flat and fertile land a few miles west of New Orleans. The Crescent City was experiencing a major boom during the prosperous 1920s, and the wealth flowed upstream to Harahan. The founding of the Harahan Elementary School in 1926 drew even more families to the wooded region nestled in a bend of the Mississippi River.

During World War II, the town became a major manufacturing and distribution hub with the construction of a major rail yard, the Mays Yard. Its proximity to major ports keeps the yard bustling even today.

As the New Orleans metropolitan area has grown, Harahan has grown with it. The town’s wooded streets and rural atmosphere have made it a favorite for residents who want to stay close to the city while enjoying suburban life.

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Harahan is just a few feet above sea level, but like other communities along the river, it’s surrounded by a network of levees. As part of the greater Mississippi River delta, the area is quite flat; low-lying parts of town are prone to street flooding during heavy storms. The river wraps around Harahan’s southern border, and to the north are the bedroom communities of River Ridge and Elmwood. Harahan has remained less built up than the towns that flank it.

Attractions and Events

Harahan’s chief attraction is its relaxed pace, and most residents are happy to enjoy major festivals such as the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for a day or so, then drive the 10 to 12 miles back home. Nearby communities in Jefferson Parish such as Metairie and Kenner hold their own Mardi Gras celebrations, and Family Gras, held the weekend before Fat Tuesday, is an increasingly popular event.

Railroad enthusiasts enjoy visiting the Mays Yard and watching the rolling stock. Harahan Elementary is on the national list of historic places, and tours are available whenever school is not in session.

Population and Demographics

Officially, just over 9,200 people live in Harahan, according to recent U.S. Census data. However, many people in neighboring River Ridge consider themselves Harahan residents even though the town’s borders don’t officially include them.


Southeastern Louisiana gets steamy during the long summer months. By late April and early May, temperatures regularly reach 80 degrees, and 90-degree days aren’t uncommon. August is sweltering; even under Harahan’s spreading oaks, temperatures can approach triple digits. The humidity is almost as high as the temperature, typically hovering around 80 to 90 percent throughout the summer. Fall is generally a welcome respite, but only if there are no tropical storms brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bryans United Air Conditioning in Harahan, LA

Sweltering Louisiana heat demands great air conditioning, and reliable service is vital. Since 1982, Harahan residents have trusted Bryans United Air Conditioning for their air conditioning repair and maintenance. Based just across the river in Gretna, Bryans United supplies Harahan homes with the cool air that makes Louisiana living a pleasure even in the heat of summer.

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