Whenever a commercial building has poor indoor air quality (IAQ), the workers, vendors, and customers who occupy it often will suffer. From foul odors to allergy-like symptoms, poor IAQ can cause myriad negative consequences. Fortunately, our talented New Orleans, Louisiana, HVAC technicians can troubleshoot poor IAQ in your commercial building and offer cost-effective solutions to help remedy it.

Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation is essential to maintaining indoor air quality in commercial properties. A ventilation system exchanges indoor and outdoor air to ensure a fresh supply is always available indoors. It also removes contaminants from the air and maintains appropriate humidity levels.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

When your commercial property’s air conditioner or furnace doesn’t run properly, it can contribute to poor IAQ. This is particularly true in commercial buildings because the doors open and close more often. People track in pollen residue and other pollutants that can trigger allergy symptoms or contribute to illness.

However, a properly installed and maintained HVAC system will help improve IAQ. It promotes healthy air movement and helps control humidity levels inside the building. The latter benefit is particularly important in humid climates like Louisiana.

Equipment Placement

Several types of office and industrial equipment contributes to IAQ. Commercial printers and copy machines, for instance, give off chemicals that can cause symptoms of sick building syndrome — the colloquial name given to symptoms of poor indoor air quality. Keeping these machines and gadgets separate from areas where employees work will help alleviate those symptoms.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial property managers should make sure that the HVAC system and the building itself remain clean and well-maintained. Dusting and vacuuming occupied spaces, for instance, can reduce indoor air pollutants. Similarly, clean ductwork and HVAC appliances won’t circulate contaminated air.

We can offer several solutions to help you improve indoor air quality in your commercial property. From dehumidifiers and air cleaners to updated HVAC appliances, we have you covered. Give Bryans United Air Conditioning a call at 504-208-2071 to discuss your commercial HVAC needs.

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