Looking for ways to save this year as the chilly New Orleans winter weather approaches? Getting smart technology is one way you can cut the cost of heating your home. Smart thermostats give you options that you don’t get with a programmable unit. Consider some of the ways that smart tech can save money on your heating bills.

Home Zoning

One advantage to advanced thermostats is the ability to divide your home into zones and control the temperature in each one. If the family spends all their time in the living room during the evening, why are you paying to heat the bedrooms and kitchen? Zone-based thermostats allow you to heat smart and stop wasting energy. Some units even come with motion sensors that will turn the HVAC system on, either heating or cooling, when someone enters the room. Zoning means you save all year long.

Remote Control

It’s been said that there is an app for everything, and the latest home automation apps really seem to prove this point. With a smart thermostat, you can access your heating system via an app. This means you can turn the heat off from work or on a spontaneous night out. It also means you can turn it on a few minutes before you get home to make sure you walk into comfort.

Beyond Your Home

Smart thermostats do more than just monitor the temperature. Some alert you when there’s a severe weather alert. These devices also monitor how well your HVAC unit is working and alert you to any problem that may arise. No more having to remember to change the filter or wondering if you need to call for service.

A smart thermostat is responsive to what is going on in your home as well. If you’re cooking that Christmas turkey and have a lot of guests in the house, for example, the thermostat detects the heat from the oven and makes an adjustment.

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