During the winter, heat pumps are a popular way to heat your home. Something you may not know is that heat pumps can cool your home during the summer. If you want a more energy-efficient cooling system in your home, a heat pump can pull the heat out of your home in Gretna, LA.

Switching Your Heat Pump to Cool

To use your heat pump in the summer, you need a professional inspection first. HVAC professionals will do general checks on your system, such as airflow monitoring or connection tests. Next, switch your thermostat from heat to cool, and switch the fan from on to auto.

If you keep your fan running via the “on” setting, your system will use more energy and is more susceptible to damage. An HVAC professional will change air filters during an inspection. Change air filters every one to three months, especially when using your heat pump during the summer.

Heat Pump Maintenance

The maintenance requirements for heat pumps are close to a normal AC. Our HVAC professionals will check your heat pump once or twice a year. You don’t need to change all air filters monthly, but you should check them monthly.

During an inspection, moving components need lubrication, and the coils need cleaning. The electrical system and refrigerant levels need checking. Our HVAC professionals check components and pipes for damage.

Heat Pump VS Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are the most common way people keep their home cool. Heat pumps are not as common but perform in the same way. Heat pump cooling efficiency settings are just as varied as air conditioners on the market.

Switching your AC out for a new heat pump will give you the same cooling efficiency and add a new heating element to your home. A heat pump is a good way to save money on energy, especially if you already have a furnace. A furnace is great for the coldest days, but a heat pump can warm your home without using more energy than you need.

Get Your Gretna, LA Heat Pump Serviced by the Pros

Heat pumps are just as efficient at cooling as an air conditioner and better at heating milder winter days. An air conditioner can cool but requires another system to heat your home in the winter. If you or your neighbor need any AC services in Gretna, LA, call us at Bryans United Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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