heat pump troubleshootingWhen your home’s heat pump starts acting strangely, your first thought may be that it’s going to take some costly repairs to get it working again. Professional repair may eventually be necessary, but there are some heat pump troubleshooting steps you can take to solve simple issues that may look like more serious problems.

  • Not functioning: A heat pump that won’t work at all may be alarming, but the problem could be something simple. Make sure the system is plugged in to a functioning electrical outlet. Check circuit breakers on the heat pump and at the main circuit panel to see if any have been tripped. Reset the breakers and try to start the system again.
  • Not cycling correctly: Heat pumps normally cycle off and on as indoor temperatures change. If your system isn’t doing this properly, check temperature settings at the thermostat and make sure they’re correct. Check the thermostat itself to make sure it isn’t placed in a spot where it could get inaccurate room temperature readings. Change the system’s air filter, particularly if it’s clogged or dirty.
  • Not cooling correctly: Go to the traditional orĀ programmable thermostat and make sure the system is set to the correct mode for cooling. Make sure temperature settings are appropriate for your environment. Dirty air filters could also reduce the system’s ability to cool properly. Check vents and registers to make sure they’re not blocked, preventing cool air from exiting the ductwork.
  • Making unusual sounds: Rattling or banging sounds could be caused by loose or open panels, access doors or other components. Thermal expansion of the ductwork could create noises you may have never heard before. Ducts can also amplify and transmit normal household noises from other parts of your home, making them sound like they’re coming from the heat pump itself.

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