The hot, sticky summers in Gretna, Louisiana, can take a toll on your electric bills. Running the air conditioner and your other appliances contributes to a spike in your electric bills. Fortunately, you can start making small changes now to help reduce your energy consumption before summer hits in full force.

Schedule Your Preventive Maintenance

Before summer arrives, you want to make sure your HVAC system works as efficiently as possible. A preventive maintenance checkup helps to make sure your filters are changed, everything is oiled, and there aren’t any major concerns with your HVAC unit. Preventive maintenance helps to keep your energy bills down by keeping your HVAC system running at its top condition. Even if you don’t schedule regular maintenance, it’s important to get a tune up before summer hits.

Change Out Heavy Fabrics

If your home doesn’t feel as hot, you won’t need to run the air conditioner as high in the summer. Swap out your comforter and sheets on all the beds from the thick bedding of winter. Take down the heavy drapes from the winter to something lighter and breezy. Make sure you don’t block any air from getting in during the milder days when you want to have your windows open. You should also close the blinds during the day when it’s especially hot to keep some of the excess heat out as well.

Get Outdoors

Spend as much time outside especially before the weather gets too hot. When you are inside, limit the amount of heat in your home by taking shorter showers, running the dishwasher less, and limiting the use of the dryer. Try grilling out in the spring and summer to prevent excess heat inside as well. The more time you spend outside, the less you will need to blast the air conditioner inside.

If you need to schedule preventive maintenance before the official start of summer, we are here to help. Contact Bryans United at 504-208-2071 to speak to an experienced professional today.

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