Insulation is a necessity in your Harahan, Louisiana, home. However, what you may not realize is the type of insulation can make a difference in how well it performs. The most common materials are rated based on several factors, so consider these ratings before you decide what to have installed in your home.


Fiberglass is the most common type of insulation used today. It includes finely woven strands of glass within the material, which helps to minimize heat transfer. The tiny shards of glass can make fiberglass more dangerous to handle, but a skilled professional will wear proper protective gear. The R-values of fiberglass range from 2.9 to 3.8 per inch and is reasonably priced.


Eco-friendly property owners may know about cellulose, which is one of the most environmentally friendly options available. This material is made of recycled paper, cardboard, and other materials. It comes in a loose form that can be placed between the drywall and the frame of the structure. The R-values come in between 3.1 and 3.7. Since the material is compact, it contains nearly no oxygen, which means it can help minimize damage in the event of a fire.


In the past, aerogel was used by NASA to construct heat-resistant tiles. This material is certainly fire-resistant, but it has become more affordable in the last few years, so some homeowners opt to use it in their structures to insulate and withstand heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit with little to no transfer. It’s still mainly used for specific applications and situations, but the required thicknesses are 50-80 percent less than other materials.


Polystyrene is a type of waterproof foam that works well for insulating against temperature shifts and noises. Two types are available: extruded (also known as Styrofoam) and expanded. The differences relate to the cost and performance, with extruded coming in with an R-value of 5.5. This option has a smooth surface and comes in block form, which makes it easy to install.

An insulation upgrade can improve HVAC efficiency and help you save, so contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 to learn more.

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