common A/C problemsWhen you experience any of these A/C problems during the summer, you can take preliminary steps to see if you can solve the underlying issues before calling an HVAC professional, especially in these situations:

  • The A/C runs but doesn’t cool. The outdoor condensing unit might be blocked with yard debris or vegetation, or the coils may be dirty. The condensing coil holds the hot refrigerant from your home. If the airflow is blocked, it can’t expel enough heat. You might be able to resolve this issue by hosing the coil off with a gentle spray from the hose. If cleaning doesn’t help, the A/C may be low on refrigerant, which will require an HVAC technician to find and seal the leak and add more coolant.
  • The condenser/compressor unit won’t turn on. When the thermostat is properly set and the A/C won’t turn on, check the circuit breaker, which may have tripped. If it doesn’t start after resetting it, locate and inspect the fuse for the system. Replace if necessary. A bad compressor can prevent an A/C from starting up, and this is one of the common A/C problems that require an HVAC professional to diagnose and replace. 
  • The indoor temperature doesn’t reach the thermostat’s settings. If this situation only occurs on exceptionally hot days, your system may be too small to handle an excessive cooling load. Adding attic insulation will reduce heat gain, as will sealing air leaks. It could also be a sign that the evaporator coil inside the air handler is dirty or the coil is freezing over, caused by dirt on the coil or inadequate refrigerant.
  • The system turns on and off quickly. When your cooling system tries to run but shuts off quickly, it typically means that airflow is blocked to the air handler or condensing unit. It can also indicate a dirty evaporator coil. Cleaning it thoroughly and replacing the air filter should solve the problem.

Having your system professionally maintained annually can solve many common A/C problems. Contact the pros at Bryans United Air Conditioning, serving the New Orleans area since 1982.

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