Your home should be a respite from sneezing and headaches, not a contributor to your allergies. Having a healthy HVAC system can help you breathe easy. Here are four major allergens you can reduce with regular duct cleaning and HVAC system maintenance.


One of the most common spring allergens, pollen can make its way inside your home despite your best efforts. Changing your air filters on a regular basis can help prevent poll from circulating through your home and irritating the seasonal allergy sufferers in your family. If you’d rather do it yourself, be sure to change your air filters a few times a year. You can also rely on your local air conditioning pros to change your system’s air filters during routine maintenance.

Pet Dander

If your family has dogs, cats, and other furry pets, you’re probably already an expert at vacuuming and dusting frequently. In addition to your standard cleaning routine, clean your air vents regularly. This is especially important if your pets spend time on or near certain vents. A small step like this can go a long way toward getting pet dander under control.

Pests and Insects

In the New Orleans area, it’s impossible to keep out all pests and insects. When they make their way into your home, insects leave behind body waste that eventually circulates through the air and can act as an allergen. Regular duct cleaning can help reduce the amount of airborne waste in your HVAC system.


Humidity and excess moisture can cause mold and other kinds of fungus to thrive in your home. When mold enters your air ducts, it sometimes triggers serious allergic reactions, according to eMedicineHealth. When this happens in your home, it’s time to call in the pros to assess your system for duct cleaning and overall HVAC system maintenance.

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