A heat pump is a good alternative to an air conditioning system. If you live in a mild climate, you might be able to cool and warm your home using a more efficient and more economic heat pump, instead of installing an HVAC system. Heat pumps will use water, air, or geothermal energy to generate heat or cold air. Below you will find out more about how heat pumps in Louisiana can save you money and keep you comfortable.

How Heat Pumps Keep You Warm Or Cold

Heat pumps extract heat from the air, and pump it back to your home. If you live in a mild climate, you can save energy and money by getting a heat pump installed. Heat pumps don’t have a heating or cooling element, and they only use energy to move the air. The main elements of a heat pump are a ground loop, a compressor, and a fan to release the air back in your home.

The Best Types of Heat Pumps

To make use of geothermal energy, you can get a closed-loop, ground-source heat pump that might have a vertical loop (going deeper in the ground) or a horizontal loop (running a few meters deep under your home).

Air-source heat pumps work like a reverse air conditioner. The main purpose of heat pumps is heating, instead of cooling. It is important to note that air-source pumps are less reliable, due to the fluctuating temperature of the air, and the wind.

Heat pumps use less energy, and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. They can be powered by wind turbines or solar panels, too.

What If Your Heat Pump Fails

The most common problems with heat pumps include leaky ducts, or blockages in the airflow. You might need to get in touch with an engineer to insulate ducts and reduce energy losses if you notice low performance.

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