A garage conversion can increase your home’s available living space by a significant margin. Whether you use it for a spare bedroom, a home office, or a man cave, you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Sometimes, however, garage conversions present obstacles in comfort. Follow these tips to make your New Orleans, Louisiana garage conversion as seamless as possible.

Install a Dedicated HVAC Unit

Consider asking one of our HVAC technicians to outfit your garage conversion space with a ductless or mini-split system. You’ll gain full control over the temperature in the room, and your thermostat settings won’t impact the rest of the house. If the garage gets a bit chilly during the winter, you can crank up the heat even if you’re already toasty inside the home.

Use the Recommended Amount of Installation

Some garages need more insulation than others when they become living spaces. Hire an expert to evaluate your garage before you start the conversion. Ask how much insulation you should add to make the space as comfortable as possible. You can also inquire about other ways to insulate the space, such as more efficient windows and doors.

Install a Dehumidifier

In humid climates like New Orleans, you might have more moisture in the air than you’d like. While your air conditioner and furnace will help control humidity in your garage conversion, you might need extra help. A dedicated dehumidifier will maintain appropriate humidity levels in the space so you’re comfortable all year long.

Add Plenty of Textiles

You can make your garage conversion space more comfortable and inviting with rugs on the floors, tapestries on the walls, and an abundance of throw pillows. Textiles give the space texture and warmth — both of which converted garages sometimes lack.

If you take steps to make your converted garage comfortable from the beginning, you’ll enjoy the space more. If you’re ready to fit your garage with an HVAC system, give Bryans United Air Conditioning a call at 504-208-2071 to schedule an appointment.

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