When you live in the New Orleans area, a constant supply of electricity isn’t always a given. From hurricanes to violent storms to power grid issues, you never know when you’ll be without power for a few minutes or a few days. Keep reading to learn why you should install a backup generator in your home.

Keep the Lights On

If you’ve experienced a blackout in New Orleans, you know flashlights only go so far. Instead of remembering to keep a stock of batteries and candles on hand year-round, consider investing in a backup generator instead. In addition to providing your home with power in an emergency, generators take worry out of the equation. When the power goes out, your generator will simply switch on to keep your home safe and the lights on.

To get the right generator for your home and feel confident that it’s installed correctly, call a professional. The experienced contractors at Bryans United will ensure that your new generator works when you need it most and are also on call for emergency HVAC repairs.

Stay Cool

Since hurricane season coincides with the hottest time of year in Louisiana, power outages often mean sweltering heat. Honeywell home backup generators come in a range of power and size options, so you can stay cool in one room or keep everyone comfortable throughout the house. Choose from 15 kW to 25 kW generators, which come with WhisperCheck mode to keep the volume down.

Keep Medical Equipment Running

Sometimes power losses mean discomfort or inconvenience. When your family members depend on electricity to keep medical equipment running, though, backup generators can mean the difference between life and death. Consult with an experienced professional at Bryans United to make sure you choose a backup generator that provides enough wattage to meet your needs.

Have you protected your home with a backup generator yet? Call Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 to learn more about your options.

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