St. Charles, Louisiana, winters can be cold and damp, but cranking your heat pump or furnace can rack up incredibly high bills. Supplemental heating can help keep you toasty all winter long without worrying about staggering heat bills that will leave your wallet out in the cold. Consider these three supplemental heating sources to help reduce costs and increase comfort next winter.

Cove Heater

More expensive initially than the two other options, a cove heater is a budget-friendly way to get consistent room heat without the cost of a furnace or heat pump. While it may cost more to buy and install, over time it more than makes up for that initial payment. Cove heaters are mounted on the ceiling and can easily warm even a large room. There are some challenges with installation, however, and it’s best to hire a professional to put one in.

Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are one of the most popular supplemental heat sources, especially since technology has improved so that these blankets are relatively cheap and much safer to use. Cuddle up under an electric blanket on the couch or in bed and you’ll stay warm all night long, even while using your furnace on low.

Electric Fireplace Heater

Want to cozy up to a crackling fire but don’t have a hearth? You don’t need costly renovations to get the joy of fire in your home. Electric fireplace heaters are not only cost-effective, but they also supply plenty of heat, even on the chilliest nights. They are a stylish addition to any home. Plus, when supplemented with your heating pump, you’ll be able to have a warm home in no time.

If your heating bill is still too high, consider replacing your heater — newer systems consume considerably less energy and are easy to install. Bryans United Air Conditioning has years of experience fitting homes with the newest in heat pump and furnace technology. Call 504-208-2071 today and get set up with a heating consultation appointment!

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