When the mercury rises in New Orleans, Louisiana, your attic might be one of the hottest spots in your home. Although you might not give this space a second thought, a hot, stuffy attic can compromise comfort throughout the rest of your home. Discover how attic fans can regulate your temperature and how proper ventilation can keep consistent temperatures in your home.

How Attic Fans Work

For an attic fan, the primary goal is properly ventilating the space above your home. As a part of your larger HVAC system, attic ventilation fans work by moving stale air out and drawing fresh air inside the home. These fans are generally linked to your home’s thermostat, and they turn on when the attic temperature starts to rise.

Cooler Ductwork Makes a Difference

Many New Orleans homes have ductwork in the attic to move conditioned air from the air conditioner or heat pump to the rest of your home. When the air in your attic is overly warm, the heat can easily transfer to the ductwork. This blast of heat inadvertently warms the air before emerging from the vents and into your home’s living spaces.

By installing an attic fan, however, you’ll reduce the overall temperature in the attic. You’ll also help to keep your home’s ductwork cool.

Ventilation Maintains Consistent Temperatures

Although you might think of the space above your home as an isolated area, what happens in your attic doesn’t always stay in your attic. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, hot air can leak through the floor and into rooms below. On a warm spring day, this hot air leak can cause the upper floor of your home to become uncomfortably hot.

With an attic ventilation fan, you can be certain that hot air won’t accumulate or become trapped in the attic. By helping your home keep a consistent temperature, you’ll also save on energy consumption and utility bills.

Don’t settle for stale, unhealthy air. Call one of our service professionals at Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 to learn how a well-ventilated attic and smart indoor air quality solutions can help you stay comfortable in your home.

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