A gas valve is a vital component of any furnace and regulates gas flow to the burner. If the valve isn’t functioning correctly, it can result in a variety of problems. Below are several signs that indicate your gas furnace valve in Gretna, LA, is malfunctioning.

Strange Noises Come from the Furnace

If your gas valve malfunctions, it can cause strange noises from the furnace. This is because when the valve opens and closes, it does so with a sudden force that can cause the pipes to vibrate. If your furnace produces strange noises, it’s important to contact a qualified heating contractor as soon as possible for heating system repairs.

The Furnace Doesn’t Ignite

The gas valve must be open for a gas furnace to operate. This allows fuel to flow into the combustion chamber. If the gas valve isn’t open, the furnace will be unable to ignite and produce heat.

You Smell Gas Nearby

A leaking valve can release small amounts of gas into your home. This poses a severe safety hazard since the gas has the potential to ignite, and inhaling too much can also be dangerous.

If you smell gas, it’s important let fresh air inside by opening up every door and window possible. Then, immediately vacate your house. You should then call your utility company or a qualified technician to repair the leak.

The Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

The gas valve supplies gas to the pilot light in older furnace models. It can go out if the valve is not functioning correctly. Constant flickering could signal there’s too much or too little gas flow.

Uneven Heating Throughout Your Home

If some rooms are much warmer or cooler than others, it could be due to an improperly functioning gas valve. In some instances, the valve may be completely stuck in one position, preventing uneven heat distribution. Alternatively, it may not open or close, resulting in uneven airflow and heating.

Furnaces are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature by circulating warm air throughout an area. A qualified HVAC technician will have the training and experience necessary to service your furnace safely and effectively. Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning for gas furnace repairs and installations.

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