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Established in 1807, St. Charles Parish is situated west of New Orleans in an area along the Mississippi River known as the German Coast. It includes more than a dozen communities, some that were formed during the earliest days of Louisiana’s history. With its bayous, swamps, rivers, and lakes, the Parish offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures and several restored plantations invite explorations into the Bayou State’s cultural past as well.

History of St. Charles, LA

The history of St. Charles Parish began in the 1720s when Scottish economist and entrepreneur John Law enticed 21 struggling German families to move to the region. When Law’s land company collapsed in 1731, the settlers became independent landowners and despite early challenges, made a success of their farms.

Forestry industries set up shop in the Parish during the early 1900s and the discovery of oil in the region further spurred its growth. Now largely industrial remnants of the past in St. Charles like the 18th-century Destrehan Plantation still attract tourists and residents.

Geography of St. Charles, LA

Most of St. Charles Parish’s nearly 280 square miles of land lies wedged between the east bank of the Mississippi and the marshy shores of Lake Pontchartrain. Land along the coast is flat, sloping only 14 feet above sea level to the Mississippi.

Weather in St. Charles, LA

The climate of St. Charles is humid subtropical with mild winters and hot and humid summers. Temperatures top 90 degrees Fahrenheit an average of 77 days each year. Hurricanes are a major threat in the area. The average precipitation in the region is around 63 inches. While it’s exceedingly rare, snow occasionally falls in the Parish.

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Demographics of St. Charles, LA

The Census Bureau lists the 2013 population of St. Charles Parish at 52,617. There are about 18,000 households in St. Charles with an average of 2.83 people per household. The median value of owner-occupied homes is $180,500, and the median household income is approximately $60,000.

Attractions in St. Charles, LA

St. Charles Parish’s proximity to New Orleans means that residents have a virtually unlimited choice when it comes to cultural and leisure activities, but there are multiple attractions located within the Parish as well:

  • The tributaries of Lake Des Allemands boast a range of freshwater fish, and boat tours offer up-close looks at a variety of birds and wildlife.
  • The Wetland Watchers Park on the marshy banks of Lake Pontchartrain features fishing and picnic areas, a nature walk, and an overlook where visitors can enjoy views of the marsh.
  • The St. Charles Parish Library Planetarium features a digital star projector that gives visitors an immersive viewing experience of the stars, planets and more.
  • Built in 1789, the scenic grounds of the Ormond Plantation are a popular venue for weddings and other special events.

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A quality air conditioner is essential in St. Charles, where staying cool and comfortable can be a challenge in any season. Whether you need an emergency air conditioning repair on a sweltering hot day or a cost-saving replacement, Bryans United Air Conditioning is the company that St. Charles counts on for fast and affordable solutions. Our highly trained and courteous technicians have earned us a reputation for excellence and our competitively priced products have made us a leading HVAC provider throughout the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.

To ensure that your cooling system won’t falter when you most need it, we offer preventive air conditioning service as well. Regular maintenance is the most economical way to prevent the need for air conditioning repairs and premature replacements. You can be confident that we’ll do everything we can to keep you cool and dry when you choose Bryans United Air Conditioning to meet your indoor comfort needs.

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