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Tucked between Lake Ponchartrain to its north and the Mississippi River to its south, Metairie is a 10-minute drive from downtown New Orleans. Although it’s a suburb of the Crescent City, the largest population center in Jefferson Parish has its own charm. From the stately homes in Old Metairie to the newer developments near the lake, Metairie attracts homeowners who want New Orleans charm with suburban affordability.

History of Metairie, LA

As its name and pronunciation suggest, Metairie is a French term. Its meaning relates to a style of farming and describes the area’s original purpose. The relatively high ground west of New Orleans was ideal for farming to feed a burgeoning port city in the 1700s. Native American tribes in the region also used the land and traveled from western regions to New Orleans. The route they traveled was later paved and became Metairie Road; the oldest road in the region.

Until the early 20th century, Metairie was rural, but by the 1920s, investors from New Orleans sought new land on which to build. A shopping district along Metairie Road had its own theater and soda fountain. Today, the homes built then make up Old Metairie, the closest neighborhood to New Orleans. Post-war developments along Veterans Memorial Boulevard have helped Metairie grow into what would be the fourth-largest city in Louisiana if it were incorporated.

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Entertainment and Culture in Metairie, LA

Metairie residents have the same appreciation for outstanding food as their New Orleans neighbors, and restaurants there have earned accolades as some of the country’s best. From po’-boy shops to seafood restaurants that offer the freshest catches from the Gulf, Metairie restaurants deserve their share of attention from locals and visitors.

For sports fans, Metairie provides some unique opportunities to see top athletes in action. The New Orleans Saints have a state-of-the-art practice facility in Metairie. Saints fans can catch practice sessions throughout pre-season and during some team activities there. Next to the Saints’ practice facility is Zephyr Field, the home of the New Orleans Zephyrs, the region’s minor-league baseball team.

Plays and musicals from the Jefferson Performing Arts Society and open-air concerts in nearby Lafreniere Parkare some of the high points on the local cultural calendar. Mardi Gras, the area’s biggest and most famous free party, is as important in Metairie as it is in New Orleans. For two weeks before Fat Tuesday itself, parades roll down the traditional Veterans Memorial Boulevard route. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy being a part of the festivities.

Information for Metairie, LA Residents

Unlike the neighboring city of Kenner, Metairie is unincorporated, so Jefferson Parish offices handle most residents’ civic needs. Area schools earn consistently high marks. With a selection of public, private, and parochial schools throughout Metairie, families can find the right schools for their children. For adults seeking further education, the University of New Orleans’ main lakefront campus is only a few miles from Metairie, and a satellite campus makes attending classes easier.

Air Conditioning Service in Metairie, LA

The blazing sub-tropical heat and the river-basin humidity make living in the greater metropolitan area of New Orleans a challenge without reliable air conditioning. Temperatures typically hover in the 90s during the day throughout most of the summer, and even December days can bring unseasonably warm temperatures; many Metairie residents can recall keeping the air conditioner on throughout the winter holidays. Older homes throughout the region need regular duct cleaning and upgrades to ensure consistent cool air and comfort.

Climate control is vital to businesses and homeowners throughout the region. Bryans United offers air conditioning installation and maintenance for homes throughout the greater metro area. NATE-certified HVAC technicians are also available for emergency air conditioning repair service at any hour.

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