zoning systemA key to whole-home comfort is to have even temperatures from room to room when you want it, or independently controlled temperatures when you don’t. The only way to achieve this is through a zoning system, which allows you to adjust temperatures between various rooms, levels or areas of your house. Not only will you enjoy improved comfort, you’ll also benefit from energy savings.

How Do Zoning Systems Work?

In a traditional forced air system, a single thermostat is strategically placed in your home. The temperature of this single location dictates whether your heating or cooling system is on or off. Unfortunately, this can cause significant temperature variations from room to room, especially in large or multi-story homes, or homes with unique architectural features.

In a zoning system, you and your HVAC technician will walk through your home and evaluate both the construction and the occupants’ comfort requirements. Then multiple thermostats will be placed throughout your home, each with its own automated damper. The thermostats are all connected to a central control panel that controls each of these dampers independently.

Zoning Systems Work Well in Homes:

  • That are multi-story. Is the basement always damp and chilly? Are you tired of overheating upper stories so the main levels are habitable in the winter? A zoned system will alleviate this. Each level of your home can exist as a separate zone.
  • With unique architectural features. Vaulted ceilings, window walls or individual wings are all wonderful architectural additions but they can make it harder to keep your home consistently comfortable. A zoning system will ensure these areas of the house are heated and cooled more effectively.
  • That have unused rooms. Do you have a couple of rooms or an area of the house that are rarely used? If so, there’s no point wasting energy and money heating and cooling them. Put them in their own zones and you’ll only have to heat or cool them when they’re occupied.

Zoning systems ask can help to end your household’s battle over the thermostat. Think your New Orleans area home could benefit from zoning systems? Please contact us at Bryans United Air Conditioning.

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