The New Orleans metropolitan area’s unusual weather pattern often causes numerous power outages. That’s why for emergency power, homeowners in New Orleans need to install an automatic backup generator.  The reason we’re not recommending a portable backup generator is that there are several risks associated with installing one.  On the other hand, an automatic backup generator has many advantages, including those listed below. 

Healthier Option

Detailed studies by prominent scientists have revealed that an automatic backup generator is much safer than a portable generator. The truth is, when you install an automatic backup generator, it eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. The opposite is true for a portable backup generator; installing one could harm your health due to the dangerous amount of carbon monoxide it emits. 

Better Fuel Efficiency

The automatic backup generator uses either LP fuel supply or natural gas. For this reason, homeowners will save money each month on their utility bills.  In contrast, the portable option runs gasoline, making it more expensive. In addition, homeowners will continuously have to refill gasoline, which is not needed with natural gas. 

Guaranteed Convenience

Automatic backup generators kick in immediately power goes out. This happens within seconds, thus, eliminating the stress of hauling a heavy portable generator outside before starting it.  Moreover, by installing an automatic backup generator, homeowners will avoid running extension cords in various places throughout their homes when power is lost. 

Constant Protection

Automatic backup generators protect homeowners’ electrical devices nonstop, even if homeowners are out. What’s more, these generators turn off automatically as soon as power is restored. So each time power is out, homeowners do not have to keep an eye on these units since everything is automatic. 

Save your electrical devices and always have access to an emergency plan when there is a power outage. You can do this by having an automatic backup generator installed professionally. Visit our website or call us at 504-208-1166 to inquire about our generator installation services. 

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