Adding an additional or bonus room to your New Orleans, Louisiana home can be exciting and fun, but there are always annoyances with any home improvement project. Luckily with the right contractor and HVAC company, it’s possible to minimize the growing pains associated with home additions. 

Installing Ductwork

When adding an addition to your home, ductwork is sometimes a challenge. Builders and HVAC contractors need to connect the ductwork from your home through to the addition, which isn’t always an easy task. Before taking on this project, make sure the builder and your HVAC contractor approve the plans before you start to build. If the ductwork is too complicated, or would cause problems in your home, ask an HVAC technician to recommend other options besides central air. 

Proper Insulation

A traditional bonus room is located above the garage, and it is typically a little more challenging to keep the temperature regulated. If you’re adding a bonus room above your garage, you need to make sure the room is properly insulated. The flooring, the knee walls, and the ceiling need plenty of insulation and backing to make sure you don’t let air in and out, which is what causes a lot of the heating and cooling issues with a bonus room. 

Indoor Air Quality

One concern you may not consider when adding an addition or bonus room is the indoor air quality in your home. During major renovations, dust and debris are a common occurrence and can affect the air that your family breathes. Make sure you hire an experienced contractor who takes measures against poor IAQ. You also want to try and stay out of the house as much as possible during these renovations as an added precaution. 

If you’re considering adding a home addition or bonus room, save yourself stress and hassle by discussing your plans with an HVAC contractor first. Bryan’s United is here to help, so give us a call at 504-208-2071 to discuss your next home improvement project. 

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