Volatile Organic Compounds are emitted in the form of gases from certain kinds of liquids and solids and they’re found in most household products. Volatile Organic Compounds are also called VOCs, and they can lead to both long-term and short-term health issues. There are, however, some simple things you can do to reduce the impact of VOCs in your Harahan, LA, home and protect your family from them.

VOCs Can Be Odor-Free

The release of VOCs into the air is called off-gassing, and you can’t always detect it by sniffing because it can be odorless. That’s potentially problematic because when you smell a strong chemical odor, you know you need to do something to improve indoor air quality, but odorless chemicals give no discernible warning to alert you to their presence.

Purify the Air in Your Home

Set out a few indoor plants to enhance the decor while purifying the air in your home. The plants use the carbon created by off-gassing VOCs and put out pure, fresh oxygen. Using an air purifier is another easy way to remove these compounds from the air your family breathes. Also, keep your home cool and take steps to keep humidity low to prevent VOCs from off-gassing.

What to Do With Chemicals in the Home

Start by choosing low-VOC products and furnishings, and only buy chemical products you definitely need and will be used quickly. Safely dispose of chemicals, such as paint, air freshener, pesticides, etc. that you aren’t using, so they aren’t sitting around, creating the potential to break down into VOCs. You should also store such products in sheds, garages, or other places separate from your main living quarters. Lastly, open windows or turn on exhaust fans to ventilate the air in your home when using chemicals that put off VOCs.

VOCs stay in the air your family breathes, and that’s nothing to take lightly. Arrange for a professional to evaluate and improve your home’s air quality by contacting Bryans United Air Conditioning today. Call 504-208-2071 to speak with someone today.

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