If you suffer from allergies in your Harahan, Louisiana home, it may be time to consider a different type of filter. Different filters work in different ways to trap dust, dirt, and other allergens to prevent them from circulating in the indoor air of your home. To find out which type of air filter will best help you fight your allergies, first, you need to know the basic types of filters and how each of them work.

Mechanical Filters

A mechanical filter works through the use of a special screen that traps various allergen particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. The best-known mechanical air filter on the market is known as a HEPA, or a high efficiency particulate air filter. HEPA filters were designed to capture up to 90 percent of air particles that measure 0.3 microns in diameter or less.

Electronic Filters

An electronic filter works by using an electrical charge to attract allergens and irritants. For filters designed with collecting plates, the particles will be captured onto the plate. If the filter does not have a collecting plate, the particles will stick to the surfaces in the room, where you will need to wipe them away.

Hybrid Filters

A hybrid filter combines both the technology of mechanical and electrostatic filters. It draws the particles with an electrical charge and traps the particles before they get through into the system.

Particulate Air Filters

A particulate air filter is one of the most commonly used types of air filter on the market. These filters are comprised of fibrous and porous materials that are used to trap dust, dirt, and allergens into the material. These filters usually will need to be changed each month or more often when the home has pets or ample dust. You can choose higher rated versions to trap smaller particles, though most filters for home use do not need to be higher than a rating of 13.

Help combat allergies in your home by choosing the right filter for your HVAC system. Want more information on which filter is right for you? Contact Bryans United Air Conditioning at 504-208-2071 today to find out more.

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